Keeping track of your network pays you off in the long-term. Whether it be a drop in the connection speed or a connection error, using a network monitoring tool allows you to understand the intensity of the situation in light of the causes and effects, quickly. Such an awareness simplifies troubleshooting and debugging even for the novice users. NetTraffic is a light-weight application that instantly detects and reports key performance indicators of your internet connection with emphasis on simplicity and user-friendliness. It equips you to monitor network traffic (bandwidth) on selected interfaces using real-time graphs and statistics showing computer work time, statistical predictions coupled with the traditional indicators such as the download speed, upload speed, connectivity duration, data sent, data received and the like. It comes with extensive multilingual support with English, Chinese, German, Estonian, Farsi, Spanish, Russian and other languages.

The software downloads on to your system, instantly, and launches itself on the system tray upon execution. Clicking the system tray icon, reveals a floating window indication the download (DL) and upload (UL) speeds coupled with the relevant real-time graph showing network traffic with time. Hovering over the system tray icon shows only the UL and DL speeds, instantly.

NetTraffic Floating Window

Right clicking the system tray icon allows you to access the complete feature list of the program with a single click. In order to modify the outlook and information layout, click Settings in the context menu, which will open the relevant window tabbed between general settings as well as charts/tables configurations. You can select multiple or all interfaces from the General settings tab with further options to customize program execution and appearance. The transparency can easily be adjusted according to your preferences while an update interval can also be set to extract maximum benefit from the application. Similarly, you can select or revert to any other language from this tab, with ease.

NetTraffic Settings

The Charts/Tables settings tab allows you to view the network traffic against time with the data range specified in the relevant fields. You can further specify the time unit while having the search button at your disposal to jump at a certain point of interest. To clear the statistics and begin afresh, click the Reset statistics button at the bottom left corner of the window. Similarly, data can be imported and exported using the respective buttons at the bottom right corner, aiding in network performance documentation and analysis.

NetTraffic Charts Tables

To view detailed data insights to your network, click the Statistics option from the right click context menu to go through the relevant tabbed window. Here, you will be able to analyze data exchange with respect to the current state, average and prognosis in terms of data sent and received. The overall report is broken down on yearly, monthly, daily and hourly basis in a tabular format.

NetTraffic Statistics

All in all, NetTraffic is an easy-to-use network monitoring application that promises to simplify your documentation needs. We tested this useful utility on Windows 7, 64-bit edition. It also supports Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

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