HTC-HD2 When Windows Phone 7 was announced, there was a sound for the chance of possibility that the HTC HD2 will be one of the Windows mobile device that will get the Windows Phone 7 update. 2 days ago, Neowin reported that WinMo 6.5.X phones are not compatible for Windows Phone 7 Series. Natasha Kwan, the General Manager for Microsoft's Mobile Communications Business in the Asia-Pacific region, said:

“the powerful HD2 "doesn't qualify because it doesn't have the three buttons." 

It is now officially confirmed by Microsoft that HTC HD2 will not get the Windows Phone 7 update.

Oded Ran,the Head of Consumer Marketing, Windows Phone, UK at Microsoft has confirmed that Microsoft has no plan to upgrade the HD2 with Windows Phone 7 Series. In a conversation with Pocket-lint, Oded said:

"We've received many questions about the upgradability of HTC HD2 and we currently do not have plans to update the HTC HD2 to Windows Phone 7 Series... For Windows Phone 7 Series we are enforcing a strict set of hardware requirements to ensure a consistently great experience for end-users and developers... we cannot confirm that Windows Mobile 6.5 phones that satisfy those requirements will be upgradeable”

It’s not only the buttons, but also the hardware. Unlike before, Microsoft is now working more effectively with the Windows Phone 7 Series hardware manufacturers to create better hardware that works right for delivering the best User Experience. However, the Windows Mobile 6.5.X series will not be discontinued and will be known as Windows Phone Classic.

[via Neowin]