Many people are aware that Apple maps included in the latest iOS from apple packs in some issues, the poor location services, broken maps, abysmal services to name a few. This gave other software makers a chance, and since then, there have been major updates in existing navigation and GPS programs to support iOS6 and fill the void. The applications did manage to provide some solid ground, but that solid feel and finish you expect from an app still lacks from those third party apps, and since the official launch of Google maps on iOS is a good month away, what do we do? Strangely, Nokia is the answer.

Nokia announced a few weeks back that they will be bringing Nokia Here maps onto iOS and android platform ‘Soon’, and since they know that iOS maps are flawed, it was expected that they would make the move soon. And the expectations were right, Nokia has announced Nokia here Maps for iOS and they are available to download from Apple’s App store to download. While I agree that the interface and structure of Here maps is far off from traditional iOS applications; but Nokia has made an effort to make them as user friendly as they could.

So, what does the here maps have to offer. The most welcomed feature would be perhaps the ability to store maps in cache, so you could use the navigation where your cellular network or Wi-Fi network might not be available. This was one major features iOS maps always lacked, along with that, you get turn by turn voice navigation and bundled location sharing features as well, which you can use as foursquare counterpart to review nearby places and add information of yourself.

As expected, Multiple map views are also available with here maps, including the traditional terrain view, satellite view, traffic view or public transport view, all of these views has specific level of details, for instance, for public transport views you will get all the widely popular routes and travelling times from point A to B. You can also access Community maps, which are created and then uploaded by individual user, although available in selected countries for now, they bring a whole new level of information of specified location.

You can download Here Maps for your iPod touch, iPhone and iPad, but, you will be required to have at least iOS 4.3. iPhone 5 users will be delighted to know that Nokia has optimized the maps for the new iPhone, and it should not cause any issues.

Download: Here Maps iTunes Link