It all started with the email and sending attachments. As the data and information started growing in size, the attachment limit on various email clients encouraged the concept of file sharing over the internet with relevant people may it be family or office colleagues around the globe. These files could be anything: images, videos, documents, ebooks and the like. Whatever’s on your computer deserves to be shared with wherever you deem relevant. So tools like Dropbox became ever more popular that gave file sharing and Windows Explorer-like feel, convincing you that sharing files could become as simple as merely copying and pasting. Take Dropbox as an example, you maintain a folder which is present both offline and online coupled with the concept of synchronization allowing you to set access rules for privacy reasons. Norton Zone is an online file sharing facility backed up with the most advanced security while ensuring privacy for your own good. It’s easy to use and compatible with almost every format you can think of promising you a memorable experience.

From your photos to your music collection, from documents to video files, Norton Zone allows you to combine all the relevant data at one place in a safe, secure and private environment with its existence online due to which it is accessible, on the go. In addition, your online folder or files can be shared with relevant people using URLs and other methods (permissions for access). You can use this utility from your computer, smart phone, or tablet making it easy to utilize the power of sharing wherever required. In addition, it allows you to sort and filter data within your folder to give an organized and orderly look. This can be done either by sorting files based on their names (alphabetical order), by the type (photos, videos, music, and documents) or by the level of importance by adding specific files to your Favorites. Right clicking a file in the Zone, allows you to share it with specific people (like friends, family and coworkers), create public link, rename, copy, move to trash, add to favorites or even comment on it. Thus, it provides a social file sharing experience for the access parameters defined by you while ensuring that all kind of viruses, bugs, malware, spyware and the like stay away from your data.

Norton Zone Cloud File Sharing


All in all, Norton Zone is a useful online multi-platform file sharing application that demands your attention.

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