Are you dependent on using data package on you smartphone or tablet? Do you have a restriction on data usage and don’t want to get over it? Is your data being used up by applications in the background? Well, there is an application to cater that. Onavo count, which is available to download for free on Android and iOS formats will keep a track of your data usage and will notify and block the connection if you get close to your limit. Not only that, it will tell you how much data you have used on a specific application which you could use to estimate your data plan and it’s pricing.

I found this application pretty useful as I always go over my usage limit and end up paying extra for data I didn't even desire to use, that is due to background synchronization of applications which will constantly send and receive valuable packets. Now, you could go into settings and turn the background sync altogether, but what about your important mails and messages? Android ICS have a feature to block specific applications and can monitor data usage statistics but it is a little hard to go through. Onavo count can do it a pace better, so, to try it out log into your play market or app store through your device and download it, don’t worry, its free. Once you have downloaded the application, a notification would appear. For sake of testing, we are going to try it on our android device.



When you open up the application, you would notice all the applications listed which use or have used data in the background. I for one was shocked to see how many applications I had running in background and using my valuable data. Now, go on and select the application you have never used and it had been eating chunks of packets, selecting it would lead you to more options, one of which would be to Restrict to Wi-Fi, once selected, the application will only run on non-mobile data packages and give error when you try to load it on it.


Another nifty thing you could do is set your own data plan, on the top right icon you will be notified how much data you have used and how much had it cost you. You can set a custom plan in which you would decide how much your phone will use. For instance, I set a plan for my phone to use 10MB this month only (yes we only have edge) and I entered to cost of 1 MB in my currency, as I use data, the plan advisor lets me know if it will fit my required needs on the basis of daily usage and days to follow in the current month.

Seems a clever package overall, and, android users get widgets as well; they are like fuel tank indicators for you data plan. So, if Onavo count impressed you, follow the links below or access the market from your phone to download the application.

Available for Android: Google Play Link

Available for iOS: App Store Link