The developer of Opera browser, Jon Von Tetzchner, launched a great browser this Tuesday for users who love to have many tabs open. This browser to manage too many tabs is called 'Vivaldi'. This browser is ideal for people who struggle to manage all their tabs on a single screen. The browser is released as a technical preview at the moment. It needs a bit more polishing as stated by developers. The mobile version of Vivaldi hasn’t been developed as yet that is a clear indication that it is still in its early days.

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best browser for too many tabs 2

Vivaldi offers a simple way to manage tabs. It allows you to stack similar tabs for easy sorting. The tabs will not be lined up in single row now. Instead, the similar tabs will be stacked up to make space for more tabs of other kinds to fill slots along the row. You can also customize a quick command shortcut. The Notes feature allows the users to take notes while browsing and keep screenshots for reference in the Notes panel of browser.

best browser for too many tabs

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The power users will certainly prefer using Vivaldi since it offers many advanced features that was the goal of Opera. However, Opera couldn’t rise up to the level of expectations. Most of the browsers, such as Chrome, are trying to make things really simple and fast. The power users don’t like too much simplicity. They would require using advanced browser features.

Another plan in the pipeline is to introduce spatial navigation in Vivaldi browser. This feature will allow the users to navigate with the help of only keyboard. Developers are also planning to provide option for browser extensions. However, they are aiming to make it powerful even without extensions.

The thinking of developers goes along the lines that browsers must be optimized for users who surf a lot while researching on various topics. They would like to open many tabs and search for relevant information. Vivaldi will make the task of researchers easy. They will be able to see all their tabs on a single screen. You can still run out of space, but after stacking up all the groups of tabs. You can also start the browser with multiple tabs open and arrange them in tab groups.

It is expected that the developers will incorporate more interesting features and options in browser in the final release. Moreover, the mobile users might also taste the flavor of this innovative browser.