Want a six times fast browser compared with the current Safari that you have on your iPhone? Opera has just that for you given that Apple lets it in or it will find it’s way some way or the other on the jailbroken iPod touch or iPhone. Opera will live demo the next week at the Mobile World Congress Opera. Hopefully by that time Opera Mini will get through to the App Store.


Some really amazing features that Opera claims that Opera Mini for iPhone and iPod touch will have:

  • Upto 6 times fast then the existing Safari on iPhone and iPod touch.
  • 90% less network traffic consumption which is great news for AT&T. This is achieved by compressing the data traffic (text, photos and videos) before sending it onto the network. All the traffic goes through the Opera servers which makes it more fast and robust

It is still a big question whether Apple will accept Opera Mini considering the recent rejections and the fiasco that followed for the Google Voice.




Opera Mini vs. Safari on the Mobile Devices:

This graph from StatCounter clearly show that Opera Mini is still the browser of choice on 26% of the mobile devices except iPhone and iPod touch of course and closely followed by Safari which is on 22% of the smart phones and that too because you cannot use any other browser: