When we refer to the benefits of working together, we often ignore a downside that is notorious in the professional sphere: poor time management. Therefore, many managers prefer online collaboration with teams in order to save time and derive more work from the team members while recording the contribution from each individual. Many of such platforms place restrictions on the quantity of content or the number of individuals in collaboration. PostFrenzy is a neat online platform where you can post anything and collaborate on it effectively while building upon the base document  by time management, work load sharing and tracking changes on the uploaded data in a specific post. You can also share information via email and keep in sync with the happenings at PostFrenzy. This is a great online utility for people ranging from freelancers to small businesses, event planner, researchers, startups and the like. You can also download the smart phone app to keep posting on the go.

The interface and layout of PostFrenzy is geared towards productivity and work distribution by maintaining a modest and distraction-fee workspace. To begin using this web application, simply create a new account and sign in to initiate the productivity experience. By specifying Title and Description, you can create as many workspaces as you like depending on the nature of tasks, at hand and the level of collaboration needed. If the task is too big, it is better to divide it into various segments and collaborate with only the relevant people in various workspaces. At the start, you may be tempted to leave the Description field empty but doing so may leave you in a fix, especially if you’re managing a large number of workspaces. You can start posting by using the rich text editor and the option to upload relevant documents with the post. You can also post via email to the specified PostFrenzy email address for ease of access. Searching can be carried out for posts using keywords and hash tags. Tracking changes on the overall post is made easy by respective labels placed on the location of change according to the identity assigned to the collaborator. Prioritization can be achieved by dragging and dropping posts while the status can be changed to inactive or vice versa depending on the task completion date. In addition, you can also generate time-sensitive passes for both members and non-members to collaborate instantly.


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