This must be annoying for a lot of people. Watching a video on your iPhone or iPod touch or iPad and all of a sudden the lock screen appears and the video is paused. You will either have to increase the wait time of your lock screen or let it go altogether which is what I did with my iPod touch. But with this new app available on Cydia, you can continue to watch the video even when the lock screen appears.

Here’s the scenario in which you will require Video Lock app:

You’re streaming a video using the AirPlay from your iPhone to your Mac (this is just one scenario, there could be multiple combinations e.g. from iPad to Mac, Mac to iPod touch etc) and while the video is being streamed, you lock your iPhone. The video will immediately stop playing on your Mac and you will have to start from the beginning. To avoid this and let the video play even when you lock your iDevice, all you have to do is:

  1. Download Video Lock from Cydia
  2. Go to your iPhone Settings –> Video Lock and Enable it!

VideoLock is available on Cydia which means you will have to first jailbreak your iPhone/iPod touch/iPad to install it. The app will cost you $0.99 but it’s definitely worth it. iPhone Download Blog ( ) has reviewed the app and you can watch the video after the break.