Since Mobile Application stores boomed with games and applications, the gaming industry took a turn from hardcore high graphics game towards easy and fun to play arcade games. Although many developers like EA games, UBISOFT and Atari are still making games for Smartphone from their popular titles on full consoles, the truth is that they aren’t particularly loved like the games  angry birds, cut the rope and tiny wings. This is good news, it means that you don't have to have a quad core phone or a 2GB RAM to have a little fun time. The game that has caught our eyes this time is a title from a popular developer who brought us Cut the rope. Pudding monster’s is a fun puzzler game featuring 100+ levels of interactive game play with more levels promised with updates.


First up lets understand the game play. Like "Cut the rope, pudding monsters is a puzzle game as well. The main objective of the game is to bring the pudding like characters together without loosing any one of them. You can move the character's by swiping through them, and if you swipe the wrong way, they might slide out of the screen and ending the level. There are objects around the characters to assist you completing the maze, they will stop you from over shooting.

Pudding monsters 1

The first three levels will guide you through the general game play, which is a blessing for a new game. The main goal of the game is to land the jelly monsters on the stars, if you get all stars covered, you will get the maximum points. The game play is interesting enough to keep you tied with the game for a long time.

Sounds and Graphics

Chillingo has maintained the aesthetics and the quality of graphics. The characters are no less than ‘adorable’ and kids would love to play the game. Even I got hooked on to the game for hours last night and ended up finishing it in a go. The sounds support’s the game rather well and in the end it turn’s out to be a very well planned game.

Pudding monsters 2

The different abilities of the characters is one more thing which will keep the game from getting boring, hypnotized pudding monster’s for instance would move together, i.e. if you move one, other’s will move in the same direction as well; so the game gets difficult as it goes and that is the key i suppose.

Pudding Monsters

Release Date

December 20, 2012
December 20, 2012

Content rating



$0.99 (iPhone) / $0.99 (iPad)
Free (adware) / $0.99 (HD)

Download Links

Apple: Pudding Monsters | Pudding Monsters HD

Android: Pudding Monsters HD