Yes that’s true! News just came out that last Thursday 25 year-old Sun Danyoimageng, a fresh engineering graduate from China landed a job at Foxconn and was given the responsibility of shipping iPhone 4G prototypes from Foxconn to Apple. According to the news, there were 16 prototypes and one of them went missing which resulted in Sun being illegally interrogated and physically abused.

The events which led to his suicide are recorded as such:

Thursday 9th July: Sun picks 16 prototypes from Taiwan based Foxconn local assembly line to be delivered to Apple. On the way he noticed that one of the phones was missing so he went back to the factory just to make sure whether he missed it there or not. It was lost.

Monday 13th July: Sun reports the missing iPhone to his boss.

Wednesday 15th July: Atleast 3 Foxconn employees illegally raid Sun’s apartment in search of the missing phone. Unofficial reports suggest that he was also detained and physically abused during illegal interrogation. See how Apple can pressurize its manufacturers worldwide!

Thursday 16th July 3 AM: Surveillance cameras recorded Sun jumping off from his apartment window.

What lead to his suicide and who will be responsible for it. Whether Apple’s pressure made the Foxconn act this way and illegally detain, interrogate and even torture one of its young fresh employee without formally filing any theft case is something that will surely haunt Apple for the coming months.


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