Yeah that’s right. If you had wifi or battery or failed unlock problems or worse if you had compromised your security by unlocking through RedSn0w then GeoHot (who first released purplera1n) has got a solution for you: PurpleSn0w. It is launched as a response to these problems faced by thousands who rushed to download RedSnow to unlock their iPhone 3GS but so many found to their utter annoyance that they now had battery consumption problems and a host of other problems.

The great thing about PurpleSn0w is that it does not create a process/daemon in your iPhone baseband (much like fake processes being added in your OS to make it slow) which actually consumes a lot of battery juice and just sits there doing nothing. What PurpleSn0w does is simply patch 3 files (CommCenter, lockdownd and wildcard activation plist) which unlocks the iPhone.

Note: If you have already installed RedSnow then you have to first un-install it.

Requirements and Procedure:

1) You should have Legit activated 3GS

2) Disable 3G if you don't have it

3) Add to Cydia

4) Install com.geohot.purplesn0w


Now reboot and your iPhone will be unlocked!