When you’re browsing like you usually do and find some text or information worth noting, what do you do? Most of us either save the URL, copy the selection to a basic text editor like Notepad or save the entire HTML page for later reference. In our coverage of productivity tools, we have tried to highlight the importance of tweaking the most frequent or recurrent tasks independent of their apparent magnitude. Similarly, if you could save time by taking notes within your browser (i.e. Google Chrome) instead of relying on text editors like Notepad, you could surely look to this issue from a different perspective. Quick Note is an instant note-taking utility integrated with your browser as a Chrome extension that not only allows you to take notes from selected text on a single click, it also enables you to synchronize these notes for any device, wherever you go through Google Chrome. Creating, Editing, Managing and Syncing notes within Chrome had never been this easy!

You can get this extension, free of cost, from the Chrome Web Store. After installation and subsequent configuration, you can use Quick Note for multiple purposes. It is an all-in-one note-taking solution that combines the features of a simple notepad, scratchpad, clipboard and to-do tasks list management on a single platform, integrated with the browser. In addition, you can sync these notes to the cloud, making them accessible virtually everywhere. It not only addresses the need for instant note creation and management, the instant search capability encourages you to maintain a huge collection of notes, yet making them quickly accessible upon search. The entire operation is based on a single right click. Say for example, you come across some valuable information that you wish to instantly note, simply right click on the selected text and use the context menu to create the note. In addition, the new version of this extension, gives you the ability to sync notes using Diigo.com providing you the freedom to post notes from your Android devices as well as iPad for the better. This ensures efficiency with mobility using a single integrated platform promising greater productivity.

Quick Note - Chrome Web Store

All in all, Quick Note is a must-have Google Chrome extension that promises more benefit at minimal resource utilization. Save your time and increase your productivity, instantly. We tested this user-friendly and light-weight note-taking tool on Google Chrome for Windows 8.
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