How about saving a few watts of energy that it takes to recharge your iPhone battery? Imagine these few watts of energy multiplied by the millions and millions of iPhones out there in the market, that’s a lot of energy saving we’re talking about. Maybe we could light up a remote African village with all that energy we saved? Who knows.

At first glance it might seem like a mobile fan to cool you off in summers but in reality it’s a miniature Wind mill that attaches to your iPhone and comes with a propeller. Tjeerd Veenhoven, the guy who has designed this calls it the “iFan”. Besides just saving you a cou ple of watts of energy, it also lets you charge your iPhone when you do not have any power supply available. Now imagine this scenario: You’re stuck in the snow or sand desert, there’s nothing available. With this wind powered iPhone, you can possibly go on for weeks if not months. Take a look:



Update: Veenhoven has also published concept image of a more bicycle friendly version of iFan:


iFan is not available for sale yet but we hope it’ll soon land into the market (thanks Veenhoven)