A Smartphone OS is rated by the strength of it’s application support. Windows phone 8 for instance, it is a nice and smooth operating system and will offer almost the same features as iOS and Android, even more features perhaps, but it is not as popular as Android and iOS because of it’s lagging market place and app support. Android has quickly caught up with iOS, and it is now equitant to it if not better. The reason for android’s phenomenal success could be credited to the fact that it is ‘Open Source’, meaning anyone could easily contribute to it’s ever expanding market list. Such an example comes from a member of XDA, cyansmoker from the forums of android has released an app that would redefine how you ‘Multitask’ through your android device.

The application isn’t really a launcher, it is more of an assisting application that would run by the side. the application is named GYF launcher, and although it is named a launcher – it simply isn’t. The application is in it’s beta stages and you might find some instability issues, the developer is keen on improving the stability and welcomes bug report’s (if any).

Application screenshot

To start of using the application, download and side load the application onto your android device, once installed the application will populate the application list and will continue to do so for any new applications installed. At first launch, the application will ask your permission if it could access the data, just hit yes and continue using the application. Once done, slide from right edge to the left of your phone to show the quick access app menu. You can pull this menu from anywhere in the phone and there is no need to return to home menu to spawn it.

There are other cherry picks in the app as well. You can edit several preferences of the app to make it behave the way you want. One of the option is to edit/change the themes of the app. You could use the ADW themes to go with the application and quite possibly make your own as well.

Download’s and requirements

Application: GYF Launcher (XDA link)

Requirement: Android Gingerbread 2.2 and above