Last year, Siri created a lot of fuzz in the world of technology with the release of iPhone 4s. The concept was unique and the functionality it provided was like no other. Since then many applications were made and released to give Siri competition, they did not trouble Siri at all until Google released their voice assistant with Jellybean OS. Now it seems there is a new competitor.

Although this technology is not at its “optimum best” yet but we are seeing some stiff competition and applications like Saga are bringing more and more advancements and better features then the previous applications. Unlike Siri and Google voice Saga will train itself to your routine and suggest or assist you before you even ask them. So this is the next step “learning”.

Move around with Saga and it will train itself to form your daily routine, it carries some essence of the famous foursquare as well where it will suggest you place to eat, travel or relax. The good thing about Saga is that you don’t have to “check-in” every time like that on Facebook or foursquare. Saga is designed to record the positions on its own and do an automatic “check-in”. Saga will also assist you in travelling; it will calculate your daily travelling routes and suggest if there are any shorter ones around. All this data about you daily life got some users on the edge, but The Saga team promises that none of the information is shared.

The application seems rather promising and the fact that its available on both Android and iOS gives it an advantage over other common applications. The iOS version is ready to download, while you will have to wait a little if you are an android user.

Apple Users can download from: [iTunes Link]

Android Users can go to: GetSaga

Source: TheVerge