With Corsair announcing it’s range SSDs (Solid State Drives), it’s almost time for the old bulky mechanical drives ( prone to any kind of maltreatment and hence utterly unsuited for mobile devices/laptops ) to leave and make room for the fast and flexible SSDs to take the stage.

SSDs are a lot better then mechanical hard drives that we have now in more then one way. Primary two reasons to switch to SSDs are:

  • They are very fast. Corsair’s new series can read at speeds up to 220MB/s and write up to speeds of 175MB/s where as the traditional mechanical HDs have much less read/write speeds.
  • SSDs do not have any mechanical component like the reader head and magnetic rotating discs which makes them ideal for mobile devices and laptops as they can sustain shocks just like your USB flash drive!

This is how an SSD’s internal circuitry looks like:

Now compare it with the internal of a mechanical HD:


Corsair’s Expert Series SSD comes in 32GB, 64GB and 128GBs.

Here's a brief introduction video on Corsair's first generation SSD S128: