Numerous users are reporting that the computer does not wake up from sleep; hangs and doesn't respond after updating to Windows 8.1. The only way out is the laptop has to be rebooted.  We've found multiple solutions to this problem and will give you five possible solutions which will hopefully get rid of this sloppy problem.

Let’s get started with the solutions, you have to try these one by one keeping in view your system settings, versions and see what works for you.

Solution 1: Updating OS And Video Drivers

1) Updating your machine is the first and probably the best solution. Due to the plethora of complaints, Microsoft released an update to inculcate a fix to this problem. You must first search for official Microsoft Updates.

2) You must also check for a revamp for your video card drivers. Visit the manufacturer’s website and make an update at your earliest. If the problem still persists, uninstall the drivers and switch to solution 2.

Solution 2: Running The Power Troubleshooter

1) Press the ‘Windows + W’ key combination from keyboard

2) Type troubleshooter in search box and hit Enter Key

3) Hit “Find and fix problems” from the list on the left side

4) Click system and security, click power and follow the on-screen instructions.

Still Unlucky?  Read on

Solution 3: Installing all possible fresh updates for Computer

1) Type “Windows Update” at Start Screen

2) Click “Settings” on right side of screen and select “Install optional updates” from the left side

3) Click on “Check for Updates” on the top left corner in Windows Update control panel to get all the fresh updates

Solution 4: Turning Off the Automatic Maintenance

Try turning off maintenance and see if  that works or not. Here is how you can turn off automatic maintenance.


Click "Change Maintenance Settings"


Un-check "Allow Scheduled maintenance .. option

Solution 5 : Disabling Bridged Network

The problem is probably because of a conflict between a VirtualBox network driver that it installed on Windows 8.1 (the host) to support Bridges. Windows is probably trying to turn it off and hangs.

Solution to this is to reinstall the VirtualBox without Bridge network support. Here is how to do it

In the install wizard “Custom Setup” phase, under “VirtualBox Application”, there is a tab named ““VirtualBox Networking”. Under this , you will see another one saying “VirtualBox Bridged Networking”, just click the drop-down on its left side and hit the Red Cross Sign. It will disable the Bridge.


Above were some of the possible solutions to the teasing wake-up problem of Windows 8.1. Do tell us in comments what works for you.