In the Apple Event happening now, Steve Jobs has finally announced the most awaited Apple product this year: The iPad. iPad is a tablet that, according to Steve Jobs, covers the space between a Notebook and Phone. iPad OS looks almost exactly like iPhone OS but with a bigger screen and amazingly improved User Experience.


Steve Jobs demonstrated the iPad and it seems to be very comfortable using it. Typing experience looked very easy and he was doing it without any mistake. Everything seems to be flawless. It’s like a big iPhone! you can enjoy games, listen to music, surf the internet and do more.
[Update: Thanks to itnnews for this early video]

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iPad weights .5 pounds and has 9.7 inch IPS display. Other specs include 1 GHz Apple A4 Chip, 16 GB-64 GB Flash Storage, Speaker, Microphone, 30-Pin connector. Accelerometer, Compass, Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR, WiFi 802.11n. 10 hours of video and 1 month of standby charge. It is also one of the most green product that is very much environmental friendly.

iPad can run any app iPhone app in small 1:1 pixel ratio. It can also run it full screen with very low  resolution. Developers can modify their apps for larger displays and it can become iPad ready. the iPhone SDK is enhanced to support development for iPad as well and it’s releasing today. The SDK also contains an iPad Simulator. The apps created for iPad will be highlighted in the App store.

The 3rd party app that caught my most attention was New York Times’ . This iPad app really seem to be replacing newspapers.


The UI looks like a newspaper with better experience. You can resize text, change number of columns and do more. Also you can play movies.

Also the graphics for 3D games are better than iPhone (not as good as PC) but enjoyable.

The most innovative app is the iBook app that makes Kindle look like a joke. It has a bookshelf that looks exactly like a real Book Shelf.         


It has it’s own iBook store that is really cool. You can download books directly to your shelf and read it. The way you can read a book is very natural and works like flipping the pages with touch. The books in iPad are in ePub format.

The 16 GB version costs $499, the 32 GB is $599 and 64 GB is $699. The prices of iPad with Wifi + 3G are different. With WiFi + 3G, the 16 GB version is $629, the 32GB version is $729 and the 64 GB version is $829.  

iPad is an amazing invention. It also has new type of accessories that includes a dock with keyboard. We will be covering more about it as soon as we get more updates.

[images via Gizmodo]