The Telegraph has reported that 30 people, mostly in the age group of 25 or less, have attempted suicide over the last 3 weeks alone at Apple’s iPad and other iDevices supplier factory, Foxconn. Foxconn has even sought help from a Buddhist “monk” to sort things out and cast away the evil spirits but it seems that the problem is arising more from pathetic working conditions and low wages rather then evil spirits.


We already have covered the tale of how a Foxconn employee committed suicide after losing a prototype of iPhone 4G and it’s also suspicious how three iPhone HD/4G managed to get leaked and make their way in California, Vietnam and the latest leak in France.

In this latest incident, a 21-year old Foxconn employee jumped from the 7th floor of worker dormitories. A dagger was found at the crime scene and many believe that it was a deliberate suicide attempt. This brings the total suicide attempts at 30 in the last 3 weeks alone. China is very stringent in safeguarding it’s interests even if it involves compromising Workforce rights and general working conditions.

Remember, these are the guys who manufacture iPod touches, iPhones and also iPads. They deserve something better then slave conditions they’re forced to work in. [via Gizmodo]

Disclaimer: Photo taken from Getty images and is not depicting any worker from Foxconn.