One thing that instantly comes up when one things of mathematics, equations and all those variables fluidly connected together to derive complex solutions from seemingly meager problems, is the image of a blackboard (or a whiteboard in the modern era). We all realize that quite rapidly, the virtual whiteboard is taking the center stage. With online education websites, virtual classrooms, video lessons, assignments and literally every component of learning becoming accessible through technology, more and more people are turning to their computers and the internet for learning. Now, imagine a situation where you’re faced by a huge assignment and you don’t have a solution manual to confirm whether you’re on the right track or even a silly-mistakes checker. Most of us make silly mistakes at the start of our solution that ends us up on the wrong side of the outcome. Inkulator is a Windows App that instantly detects handwritten mathematical equations and calculates them for you so that you can verify and diagnose the areas causing the wrong result. It provides an experience where you don’t have to click buttons and then erase parts of the equation, if you got it wrong but encourages you to jot everything in your own handwriting and then presents the solution, with ease.