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by on July 24th, 2009

SimpleDB, which Amazon describes as a structured dataset but not exactly a database since the term database is synonymous with relational databases, which, none of thimagee web 2.0 databases really are. Amazon was an early entrant in the Cloud Computing market with its AWS ( Amazon Web Services ) which has now become one of the widely used Cloud service for startups.

by on April 13th, 2009

2397824841_f268759675 After hearing from Google, I gave a try to Java support for Google App Engine. There are tutorials available at the official Google App Engine website. I decided to write my own tutorial for you guys to create a simple “Hello World “ web application on java and run it on Google App Engine. So here it is:

You need to install Eclipse for this tutorial

by on August 31st, 2008

This certified set of Eclipse plug-ins is designed to help develop, deploy and debug applications for Oracle WebLogic Server. It installs as a plug-in to your existing Eclipse, or will install Eclipse for you, and supports your favorite server or servlet engine.