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by on January 19th, 2013

It all started with the email and sending attachments. As the data and information started growing in size, the attachment limit on various email clients encouraged the concept of file sharing over the internet with relevant people may it be family or office colleagues around the globe. These files could be anything: images, videos, documents, ebooks and the like. Whatever’s on your computer deserves to be shared with wherever you deem relevant. So tools like Dropbox became ever more popular that gave file sharing and Windows Explorer-like feel, convincing you that sharing files could become as simple as merely copying and pasting. Take Dropbox as an example, you maintain a folder which is present both offline and online coupled with the concept of synchronization allowing you to set access rules for privacy reasons. Norton Zone is an online file sharing facility backed up with the most advanced security while ensuring privacy for your own good. It’s easy to use and compatible with almost every format you can think of promising you a memorable experience.

by on October 30th, 2012

Managing thousands of images can often become too hot to handle. As technology progresses, people have started to use photos in order to crystallize and document their memories for good. With an extensive gallery of photos, the biggest challenge is to organize the files in a manner that it becomes easy to manage, sort and view them in the least amount of time. Phototheca is an amazing photo managing software that takes the real meaning behind images by interpreting them as events overlaid in time while being composed of real characters (keywords) and the moment (date and time). It is in such a context, that it provides new and innovative ways of searching for the relevant photos by using keywords, albums, events, and timestamp while encouraging you to view them in the usual gallery format or Calender (albums tagged with dates) or Timeline (photos related to events). In addition, it comes with a useful duplicate file finder as well as an in-built encryption feature that protects sensitive memories from prying eyes.

by on October 13th, 2012

No matter how simple a text editor may seem to be, it is the most useful utility that one could make good use of. No matter how complex the operation may be, in the end it’s the simple text editor that comes in handy to store valuable information, links or even passwords to the most sensitive applications for the general user-base. With multi-tasking and subsequent privacy concerns on the rise, you will feel the difference by using a secure text editor, Self Note, that aims to keep your data valuable and accessible only to those you deem worthy. You can either drag and drop text files to this application or write the relevant text in it using multiple tabs. Using the tabbed approach, you can easily store multiple related notes together and encrypt them using 256-bit RSA_AES encryption with password. The notes are then stored as an executable file ready to face the world. You can also remove the password or encryption using a reverse method elaborated after the jump.