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by on December 21st, 2012

QR codes are very useful and can save a lot of time provided you use them correctly. QR codes are as common as “Tinyurl” links, perhaps they are even better than that. QR codes very originally design for the Smartphone users so that they wont have to type the whole web address and they could just scan the code and be on their way. There are many applications that will let you create QR codes, but all of them will re direct to one URL, there is a Google Chrome extension which is rather clever. Smart QrCode Generator is a small extension which can be downloaded right into the browser, it can assist you in generating QR code out of pretty much everything.

by on December 13th, 2012

Plug-ins really do have an impact on a browser’s reputation and popularity, look at Firefox and where it has got itself in midst of all this competition. Google seems to be finally moving steadily, and with it’s continuous growth, it is the best browser you can have on any operating system. Google has stocked up a lot of Plug-ins in it’s web store, many are rather useful like Adblock which will save you from spam and annoying ads, there is Evernote, the fabulous task manager and then there is the new Plug-in from Google itself which allows you to save pictures, audio files and videos directly to your Google drive. The Plug-in is called Save To Google Drive which is a much needed ad on for chrome browser, having said that, you had other options before such  as Save to drive which would do pretty much the same thing but an official plug-in speaks volume.