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by on February 20th, 2013

There was a time when uploading attachments and sending them through your email address would prove to be much of a hassle. With internet access becoming widespread, both the amount of information and demand for it started increasing exponentially. This led to the growth of internet and due to the global nature of the network, companies and organizations started using the same medium to communicate with clients and employees a like to accumulate and utilize a diverse segment of the global population in achieving the most creative and comprehensive solutions followed by the subsequent implementation by individuals. Thus, with collaboration, productivity and efficiency came the concept of sharing. Rapidshare and MegaUpload were some online file sharing websites that generated links where the respective file was uploaded but both the uploader and the downloader had to endure a plethora of ads and tickers which would then yield the desired output. With Dropbox, the user experience definitely improved but didn’t get simplified and professionals and students still had to endure the attachment limits in email exchange. WeTransfer is a useful online utility that has an extremely sleek and simple interface allowing file transfers (both via email and links as per requirement) up to 2 GB.

by on January 19th, 2013

It all started with the email and sending attachments. As the data and information started growing in size, the attachment limit on various email clients encouraged the concept of file sharing over the internet with relevant people may it be family or office colleagues around the globe. These files could be anything: images, videos, documents, ebooks and the like. Whatever’s on your computer deserves to be shared with wherever you deem relevant. So tools like Dropbox became ever more popular that gave file sharing and Windows Explorer-like feel, convincing you that sharing files could become as simple as merely copying and pasting. Take Dropbox as an example, you maintain a folder which is present both offline and online coupled with the concept of synchronization allowing you to set access rules for privacy reasons. Norton Zone is an online file sharing facility backed up with the most advanced security while ensuring privacy for your own good. It’s easy to use and compatible with almost every format you can think of promising you a memorable experience.

by on August 28th, 2008

Chat about the first Android phone having GoogleTalk functionality seems to be wide of the mark as developers have admitted the Bluetooth functionality will be limited.