Tired of logging in to multiple accounts and managing them in each environment without much integration? You have a deadline looming and you have a lot of tasks and emails pending but distributed in multiple accounts? Looking for an application or a utility that would somehow integrate all email accounts, the contacts as well as social networking all at one place? Inbox2 is a social email application that tackles the challenges of multi-tasking especially if it is related to email accounts and social media. The problem faced by managers or people who are actually busy is that too much time and energy is wasted in keeping track of updates happening in say GMail, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Hotmail and so on. Ranging from feeds to email messages, updates to documents and an integrated search for an environment where each of your accounts are merged to form one. Send emails, search for them or manage tasks specific to each without having to carry on the Sign In, Sign Out exercise too often. Now, you need to rely on only one username and password while Inbox2 neatly organizes information making it valuable, meaningful, share-able and do-able for the better.