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by on January 22nd, 2015


Samba is wonderful open-source software that allows users implementation of SMB/CIFS protocol. This protocol enables the PCs on the network to share their files. With Samba servers, Ubuntu users can enable file and printer sharing for Windows and other Ubuntu users. This brief tutorial will give you insight to install Ubuntu Samba server for file sharing.

How to Install and Configure Samba In Ubuntu for File Sharing 1

by on March 29th, 2010

If you have Linux installed on a partition on your Sony Play Station 3 then Sony might not be happy and will probably not allow you to use any other OS on your PS3 in it’s next update. Sony has warned all PS3 users who have Linux installed on their consoles to back up their valuable data before installing the new update.

by on February 25th, 2010


Had this thought ever passed you that the OS that’s fuelling all these thousands and millions of servers worldwide would be worth if it’s undertaken as a commercial project? If it’s Open Source does not mean it’s development cost is zero. After all, it’s the fruit of years of community driven development. Two researchers have estimated the cost of replicating Linux kernel from the scratch at about 1.4 billion USD! Who said Open Source is free?

by on July 20th, 2009

Microsoft has just released 20,000 lines of device driver code to the Linux Community that will make Linux Operating System perform better when virtualized on Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V and Windows Server 2008 R2 Hyper-V. linux_windows (1)

Video by Microsoft PressPass shows discussion between Sam Ramji, senior director of Platform Strategy at Microsoft, and Tom Hanrahan, director of Microsoft’s Open Source Technology Center, about Microsoft’s release of Linux device driver code under General Public License v2.

by on May 28th, 2009

1) Ubuntu Tweak

Ubuntu Tweak allows changing all the itsy-bitsy pieces of Ubuntu desktop OS. It is the equivalent of TweakUI for Windows. You can achieve the same results by using the gconf-editor tool in Ubuntu. Ubuntu Tweak also helps install third-party upgrades in a simpler fashion so it definitely gives a new boost to your clumsy Ubuntu desktop and increases UserExperience.


by on May 6th, 2009


Usually, a person from non-technical background is very skeptical, when it comes to installing software or making a partition of the disk. Most of the computers today come with one hard disk, and that hard disk is usually set up for one partition, that consumes most of the space on the disk. If you are having somewhat identical case with your computer, then either you will have to add a new hard disk for your Linux or the second option is you have to shrink your existing partition to make up space for Linux.

by on May 6th, 2009

It gives you much ease and mobility to carry your operating system on a flash drive! Since your OS resides in your Flash Drive, you can run it on whatever machine you want to. You can actually carry Linux Operating System in your pocket, especially when you work somewhere that requires traveling a lot. Yes, using a USB flash memory stick, you can easily boot and run Linux.

by on April 21st, 2009


If you are looking to know how to format disk in Linux, this procedure is covered  with only few easy steps that is very easy to work. Simply, how you have format the disc in windows operating system, if you have any idea. The following steps could definitely help you out to format your disc in Linux. First of all, partition the new disc with a specified command that is # fdisck -1| grep ‘^Disk’

by on April 18th, 2009

I will explain the ways to Install Ubuntu Linux on your computer/laptop. There are three ways of Installing Ubuntu, which are as follows:


1). Dual-booting

Boot into Windows or using an Ubuntu Live CD, you have to insert your Ubuntu Live CD to your CD-ROM drive and reboot your PC.

2). Installing within Windows

Wubi is an officially supported Ubuntu installer for Windows users that can bring you the Linux Community. Using Wubi to install Ubuntu is just like installing some Windows software,
and is equally risk-free. There’s even an uninstall option added to
Add/Remove Programs.

by on April 16th, 2009

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Linux is completely a command based Operating system which is based on a Linux Kernel. Linux operating system is no-way similar to windows operating system which is very user friendly and easy to use.So its very important to the basic partition types before formatting or partitioning a disk in Linux Operating system.Its not mandatory but we should know it before doing any such action actions which is highly risky.

by on March 16th, 2009

ms-office-2007 Wouldn't it be lovely to have a nice, clean installation of Microsoft's Office 2007 Suite to run on your Ubuntu Linux Distribution? For some people, this is the only thing that truly holds them back from an all-Linux environment... But not anymore! We have compiled a nice, concise set of instructions to help guide you along.

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by on February 23rd, 2009

There are may graphical FTP clients available that help to deal with everyday FTP problems. But to be a complete FTP nerd, there is a list of commands that you should know to solve your everyday tasks even by using a command line interface. Other than this, if you are programming something that uses FTP a lot at core level then here is the complete list of FTP commands enlisted by Vandana Pandey of MSDN Blogs:

by on September 2nd, 2008

One of the essential ingredients to running a successful business is maintaining an advantage over your competition. Many different types of computer software can significantly enhance performance at the workplace, or in the home. A polished office suite, a reliable backup system, an intuitive desktop environment, even a welcome break from reality with an immersive game all have their part to play in helping users achieve their maximum potential.

by on September 2nd, 2008

There are many articles written about the reasons why users may wish to convert to Linux. Frequently cited reasons include the favorable licensing terms, the freely distributable software (with source code), support from the Linux community, improved security, open file formats, the fact that Linux can run on a wide variety of platforms, etc. However, unless a desktop user is provided with real alternatives to the existing software he or she currently uses, migration to a different operating system is going to be very difficult.

by on September 2nd, 2008

I don?t know if you like to have hundreds of different tools and converters?to save icons to another format (e.g. convert MAC OS X icons to Windows icons), but I don?t! But No more reason to google for icon converter shareware or stuff anymore :-) I found this handy online tool which allows you to create and to convert icons between different formats on the fly . It?s called ?iConvert? and I love it ?