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by on June 24th, 2013

If you wish to catch up with the ever-changing world, you must recognize the connecting thread between us – the cyberspace which unites talent from around the world. In the global village, it is essential to find ways to communicate and collaborate with the other in the best manner possible. Although tools like Google Hangout and Skype have made things quite simpler and easier, the combination of a collaborative interface meant for webinars and document sharing and review would surely be something different and far more useful. Vyew is a unique platform where you can manage rooms on various categories and participate in them to learn what is needed. In Vyew Rooms, you can hold video sessions with a large number of people while having the ability to upload content for review. Fellow team members can then review, comment and improve the documents in real-time for the greater good. This real-time collaboration and conferencing tool has uses in all type of fields including education and business operation. The best thing is, you can leave content in categorized rooms for later viewing. Read on after the jump, to learn more about sharing your vyew.

by on February 23rd, 2013

It all began with the launch of Windows 8 and Microsoft Office 2013 by the tech giant founded by Bill Gates. Analysts were skeptical, no doubt, but with its new Metro UI interface and the cloud-friendly, touch-friendly interface with solid colors and a redesigned logo for each product, Microsoft has surely built ground for some major changes in its extensive range of products. The recent move has added more weight to the email service, Hotmail (or MSN, Windows Live Mail and the like). An email was recently sent out to Hotmail users by the Team urging people to upgrade from Hotmail to In this post, we will analyze and asses the difference in features and benefits the proposed change has for you and is it really worth it? And if you’re a professional, this information is critical for you!

by on February 16th, 2013

When we refer to the benefits of working together, we often ignore a downside that is notorious in the professional sphere: poor time management. Therefore, many managers prefer online collaboration with teams in order to save time and derive more work from the team members while recording the contribution from each individual. Many of such platforms place restrictions on the quantity of content or the number of individuals in collaboration. PostFrenzy is a neat online platform where you can post anything and collaborate on it effectively while building upon the base document  by time management, work load sharing and tracking changes on the uploaded data in a specific post. You can also share information via email and keep in sync with the happenings at PostFrenzy. This is a great online utility for people ranging from freelancers to small businesses, event planner, researchers, startups and the like. You can also download the smart phone app to keep posting on the go.

by on February 13th, 2013

From the start of a project till the end, there are various aspects involved in the progress ranging from team and task management to collaborations and discussions such that both the tasks and teams are well-organized and integrated with the assigned loads. WorkMate is a cloud based productivity and collaboration tool that provides an all-in one solution to long distance management and tracking. It allows you to create projects, instantly, and save work files in a unified place. Using the cloud storage available through WorkMate, you can save Microsoft Word, Excel, Adobe Photoshop, PDF, images and other popular formats within the same project while initiating and maintaining discussions with ease so as to facilitate the project completion in a collaborative manner. It provides a safe environment where you can enable any useful add-on from the content rich WorkMate Addons Library. As soon as you specify and configure a task, you will be informed of the progress and will be alerted of its completion, frequently. Furthermore, you can add team members to the experience so that the overall work can be distributed accordingly.

by on February 12th, 2013

So you’re motivation level is reaching its peak and you’ve decided not to rest till you’ve become productive. Your adrenaline level is high and your mind is racing with ideas, things to do, everything seems to be landing in your head at that very moment and you’re ready for action. Many of us experience such brief moments that race our mind and convinces us to abandon all the random stuff that’s eating up all your precious time. It’s well known that such emotionally ‘high’ phases are usually short lived with the subject’s motivation level eventually dying down unless there’s some real drive and some real goals needed to be achieved which is a challenge in its own. In both cases, an important habit is to jot down everything that pops up in your mind and recognize its value. There are some tasks that often lay in our head and stay there till the end even though we realize what they mean to our goals. Once you have a list of ideas and things to-do, you need to prioritize them and begin action on each of them with consistency. In this tech-savvy world, how could it be possible that there won’t be a productivity-inducing app or web companion that would make things easier for you? Any.DO is just the thing you need to remain focused on your to-do lists wherever we go.

by on November 24th, 2012

When you’re browsing like you usually do and find some text or information worth noting, what do you do? Most of us either save the URL, copy the selection to a basic text editor like Notepad or save the entire HTML page for later reference. In our coverage of productivity tools, we have tried to highlight the importance of tweaking the most frequent or recurrent tasks independent of their apparent magnitude. Similarly, if you could save time by taking notes within your browser (i.e. Google Chrome) instead of relying on text editors like Notepad, you could surely look to this issue from a different perspective. Quick Note is an instant note-taking utility integrated with your browser as a Chrome extension that not only allows you to take notes from selected text on a single click, it also enables you to synchronize these notes for any device, wherever you go through Google Chrome. Creating, Editing, Managing and Syncing notes within Chrome had never been this easy!

by on November 24th, 2012

What use is information, if finding the relevant detail requires a learning curve that curtails access to it? In this regard, the most useful aspect of the internet is undoubtedly the ease of access to information that it offers. Google has become the most popular and widely used search engine throughout the world, offering intelligent search features, auto complete and a bundle of other powerful services. As soon as you enter the desired keyword(s), you will view the search results and select relevant links employing the trial-and-error technique. It works, most of the time, but at the expense of time, itself. If you’re time-conscious and aiming to achieve productivity in daily tasks, it would be very beneficial if you tweak the most recurrent entries of your task list. Google Quick Scroll optimizes the process of searching and selecting the relevant link that may interest you the most. Primarily being a Chrome Extension, it instantly integrates with your browser and adds further intelligence to Google Search. As soon as you scroll through the search results, snippets of highlighted texts appear at the bottom of the screen relevant to each entry in the results page. Click any highlighted statement and it will open the respective link at exactly the same spot where the statement of interest occurs. This surely saves both time and effort allowing you to reach the right track in a minimal time.

by on November 10th, 2012

Whether you’re managing large scale tasks or small scale operations, the use of computer systems bring forth the need for a light weight and effective text editor that can record your everyday needs. At a meeting, rather than noting the main points on a physical notepad, the Notepad in your operating system encourages you to store information in the most simplest format possible yielding to minimum file size. Although having a limited feature set, text editors provide you with small tools that are used, frequently, thus saving significant amounts of time in the long-run. EditPad Lite is a useful and convenient text editor that combines simplicity with the much-needed resources. It allows you to open as many text files as possible while switching between a multi-tabbed interface. It has a fairly useful search-and-replace features whereby you can define the scope of your operation (a specific keyword, sentence or a rectangular section) according to your needs and requirements. With features like Clip Collection (list of text sections), auto save and backup, highlight URLs, edit and sort lists and more, you can work much more efficiently. In addition, it supports text files saved in various operating systems like Linux, UNIX, Mac and even DOS.

by on March 17th, 2009

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Being the programmers that we are, design isn't always listed as one of our stronger abilities. Every programmer should have a sense of design, however. Otherwise, every application you would ever use would be far less useful and be much less appealing. Aesthetics is everything.

ColorSchemeDesigner allows any user to create breathtaking Color Schemes for any purpose in it's quick and easy-to-use interface. It allows you to use the color wheel to make precisely correct schemes. Options include: monochrome, complimentary, traids, tetrads, analogical, and accented analogical schemes. All are fully customizable and mathematically correct.