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by on December 11th, 2012

It is usually typical for manufacturers to leave out candy features on their old devices while them being perfectly capable. Like the case of iPhone 3G and 3GS; 3Gs got up to iOS 6 iteration, meanwhile iPhone 3G which was pretty close in performance if not equal was left at iOS 4. Another example is Siri, which iPhone 4 and iPod touch 4 demonstrated that they could run it perfectly but Apple decided otherwise. Samsung turned to the same pages as well with their Galaxy S3, leaving the most awaited touchwiz feature to Galaxy S3 and Note-II, yes, we are talking about the Multi View windows. But not to worry, XDA has decided to take the matters in their own hands and a memer named ‘mythtrandyr’ has released a tweak which will give you the same features on your Galaxy SII.

by on February 26th, 2011

The last couple of years have seen a resurgence in the popularity of 3D technology, largely due to Hollywood movie studios cracking down on movie piracy by offering something that the pirates cannot replicate. While many have seen the resurrection of 3D glasses at cinemas as little more than a gimmick, there is no denying that with recent technological improvements 3D has become hugely popular again. So much so that it is now migrating to other areas of the technological and entertainment world.

by on September 22nd, 2009

135908422_4785fe6b64 Capturing life in the form of digital photos is always been fun. In this tech era when social networks have become a part of our daily lives, capturing breath taking moments and sharing it with friends is always in need. Good quality photography is always appreciated and considered as more appealing to eyes.

Digital Cameras are very common as most of us have them in our cell phones but those with a high quality camera are rare and expensive. So for capturing perfect life moments digitally, you need a compact digital camera. If you are thinking to get a digital cam this Christmas then here are some of our best picks from the market under $250

by on August 14th, 2008

My favorite LCD brand was ViewSonic until Samsung released another design long time ago. And I fell in love with it. Not me, its design is so inspiring and attractive that it became reason to buy for people being more inflenced by its design rather than specifications (they also rock).

And then ViewSonic seemed to be little dull as compared to Samsung's LCD design.

Now ViewSonic has realized that what can make us more sales is cool design but they couldn't get anything better than Samsung. So either they got inspired or just simply copied them.

See thier new design, and compare it with Samsung, it looks alot same. Better: call it a "Ripoff"