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by on February 25th, 2013

Torch Web Browser - Your All in One Internet Browser

If you have a good internet connection with a healthy bandwidth ensured and you live in the present world of information, you would definitely have to deal with a habit called downloading. Unfortunately, some of us have to rely on third party download accelerators (to speed up the painstaking progress bar sometimes coupled with pause/resume feature), torrent managers and media grabbers (to download streaming videos and audios from popular sites like YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, Grooveshark and the like) that operate outside your browser. You can easily realize that having three different utilities, ignoring ads and popups caused by each (usually if they are free software), the subsequent system memory consumption and the individual progress monitoring related can be a nuisance in itself. Now, many of us use Google Chrome and are used to the clean and modern interface it offers, so what if all three functions (media grabbing, torrent and download management) could somehow get integrated into the same browser. This would imply an all-in-one solution for download enthusiasts out there. The recently released Torch browser is one such blessing that is based on the Chromium engine and offers you the ability to download audio and videos from a plethora of media sharing sites, provides slightly faster download speeds and a torrent manager within itself. To add on to this, it allows you to share webpages and links on a single click to your Facebook and Twitter.

by on February 11th, 2013

Ever heard of YouTube? (you must have smirked at the obvious nature of this question, but there’s more to this than meets the eye). What makes YouTube special? Most of us will come up with four aspects ranging from being a popular, search-able, online repository of multimedia information that is up to date, well-organized, easily integrated and personalized according to your requirements. Now step out in to the professional world, where each second counts and each moment wasted may lead to unwanted outcomes. If you’re a leader, manager or an entrepreneur, the importance of documentation must be clearly vital for you. In setting up grounds for documentation achievable in the least amount of time, it is essential to look up for documents uploaded by verified and authentic authors for similar situations. Having a broad world view would surely help in setting high standards at home. Dubbed as the YouTube for documents by its cofounder, Hashdoc is a user-friendly document repository for professionals providing you the power of searching for documents in a Twitter like fashion (using hash tags) and keywords while encouraging you to create and manage playlists of documents (just like YouTube).

by on January 28th, 2013

Dubbed as ‘a new way to share video’ by Twitter, Vine has quite recently entered the social media sphere with its six-second video sharing experience for users with the goal, ‘Make A Scene’. Twitter’s reason for its 140-character limit to tweets was always that with constraint comes creativity and thus, with the six-second limit on video sharing in Vine, the same goal is anticipated to be achieved. If you have an iPhone or an iPad, all you need to do is to download Vine and record a video clip no longer than six seconds and post it on Twitter or with friends using email. Vine has already picked up pace with respect to popularity and is currently featured as the Editor’s Choice in the App Store. With unlimited free video uploads, ability to post them to Twitter, interacting with and following people around you and the option to explore trending posts, featured hash tags and more, Vine promises an intriguing and unique experience for your content exploration needs.

by on November 12th, 2012

Twitter is one of the most popular means to reach to the social media with terms like virality and trending defining its significance. The majority of the online professional community as well as the media and other segments of the society consume Twitter making it a reliable tool to assess the public opinion. If you’re new to Twitter or even if you’re an old-time user, one of the things that may have annoyed you is the 140 character limit associated with tweets. Many of us have learnt techniques to shorten related URLs but expressing yourself fully on Twitter becomes more of a challenge, quite often with compromises on information quantity and grammar fixing the issue. A simple way to post and reply to tweets over 140 characters is to use Twishort, an online utility that integrates with your Twitter account and posts links to your full tweet, instantly. If at any point you feel that the web application isn’t treating your issues well, simply delete the respective tweets within the Twishort interface.

by on December 30th, 2010

Before this year closes, make sure you get all of at least most of these really useful apps on your iPad. Currently there are more then a million apps listed on the App Store and you will find a couple of lists around the web listing some essential apps in different categories. In this article I have compiled a list of apps categorically put in News, Music, Gaming, Reading and a bunch of other categories. If there’s an app you think is missing from the list and should be added in the essentials list then do suggest!

by on December 18th, 2009

News pouring in that around 10pm, the following images were displayed to those tryingimage to access twitter. They are apparently claiming to be an Iranian Army. Twitter was down for a brief period but there was no official explanation from Twitter. The site is back up but the ripples this news has created have gone to the very end of the universe.

by on August 17th, 2009

Apps based on Twitter are buzzing all around but you probably won’t have heard of many great (yes, I say great!) reads on the micro-blogging phenomena ushered in by Twitter. These books I have collected range from the Dummies series (Twitter for Dummies) to the most advanced reader who wants a peek into the design and the whole concept revolving around Twitter.

by on June 3rd, 2009

Sometimes you have to go behind the buzz and dive into the pool of actualimage data to  understand patterns and this – believe me – sometimes turns out to be too amazing! This would have been the response of Bill and Mikolaj of Harvard Business School  who did an amazing analysis on a sample data extracted from twitter of about 300,000 users.

by on April 29th, 2009

.NET Service Bus is part of Windows' target='_blank'>Azure .NET Services. It provides a secure and standard messaging infrastructure to reduce barriers for making composite applications.

Maor David has written a very handy tutorial to understand Windows' target='_blank'>Azure .NET Service Bus by creating a Twitter Service Bus. The post demonstrates use of Microsoft .NET Services Service Bus and the NetTcpRelayBinding. When the service application is started, it asks for your .NET Services Solution Credentials and opens an endpoint on the Service Bus. Once opened, this endpoint has a well-known URI on the Service Bus and is, irrespective of whether your machine is residing behind a Firewall or Network Address Translation, reachable from anywhere.

Click here to read the full tutorial

by on April 28th, 2009

A steady stream of information flows through Facebook everyday just as it dimageoes in Twitter. But up until now, one couldn’t access the string of Facebook status updates being posted by people known and unknown, with or without a Facebook account.

But Facebook has recently announced plans to open up its API, so now the information that appears in user home pages and profiles will become available to third party developers who can build new services and applications based on the data being made publicly available. Previously, developers were able to access facebook's own API to build customized Facebook applications using the Facebook markup language (FBML).

by on January 28th, 2009

I found this nice little application by Walter Higgins which is hosted on AWS (Amazon's web services cloud) which generates a beautiful mosaic of your Twitter followers. You can embed the mosaic on your blog to increase its beauty and can also be a good treat for your followers. Here's Jadoon's Twitter followers mosaic: