One of the things that i like about android is that the application’s allow you to do great modifications. On iOS, you had to jailbreak your device even for the slightest modification, but, android is a little more friendly. Recently when browsing the internet i came across a wonderful app. Tasker for android let’s you schedule tons of activities without moving a muscle. Most of you would have known of this app, but for those of you who dont – it is a must try. unnamed   Upon first look, the application seems a little complicated. But when you get your way through this app – you will have tons of cool new features. You can schedule pretty much everything on your device, from ringtones to location based Wi-Fi scheduling. But, the thing we are going to look at is the weather based wallpaper changing ability.

Set up tasker for automatic wallpaper change

Setting up tasker to automatically change wallpaper would require a little patience. First up, go ahead and install the application on your phone from Google play store. Once done, follow this taskerwiki guide. Since the procedure is a little tricky, it’s better to read the official method. Download: Tasker Requirements: Android 1.6 and above