One of the most loved 3D fighting game and my favorite: Tekken is now coming to iPhone. FoneHome has confirmed that Tekken is at the end of development process and it will hopefully make an appearance in the App store in March 2010.tekken

It’s not confirmed that it will be the classic version of Tekken or a scaled down version of Tekken 6. As reported by FoneHome:

Namco hasn’t told us any more about the game, and Tekken won’t make an appearance at this week’s Game Developers Conference either, so we’ll have to keep on guessing for now. Will it be a port of the original? An iPhone version of the recent PSP edition of Tekken 6? Both are certainly feasible, but the latter would be more in-line with the standard set by Capcom.

Tekken was formally a PlayStation Exclusive Title.  It is one of the most favorite 3D fighting and Arcade game since 1994.

[via Gizmodo]