Apple’s iPad was one of the most awaited Apple products this year that has made Apple fans crazy again. Although it looks like an awesome device but I was expecting a little more.

ipad_hero4_20100127Experiencing an Apple device is always a different thing, you can’t really tell if the device is good for you or not unless you adapt it in your daily life. But so far according to what I know about this device, I think these are the good, the bad and the ugly things about it:

The good:

  • Awesome architecture! 1 GHz Apple A4 Chip is specially designed for this device for remarkable performance.
  • Incredible device for readers.
  • Battery life is 10 hours with video play back.
  • You can keep it on standby mode for a month after a full charge. This means it’s always ready to be used and no need to wait for boot up.
  • iPhone Apps work on iPad but with the resolution of 1:1 pixels. Also run on full screen.
  • iPhone developers can easily modify their existing apps to make them iPad ready.
  • Very handy device for students, one iPad can replace your all books and battery life is enough to enjoy them for a whole day.
  • Has awesomeness of the iPhone OS with better adaption for bigger screen.
  • It’s really cheap! Starts from $499.
  • Accelerometer!

The bad:

  • No camera! I hate this.
  • No multitasking.
  • Should have GPRS Edge support.
  • You can’t make phone calls, also no sms support.
  • Graphics are not so good. I know it’s a low end device in terms of graphics but I was expecting better.
  • And I am not sure if anyone can use this big thing as a controller comfortably for playing games.

The ugly:

  • No flash! Really sucks for those who’s favorite time pass is FarmVille.
  • No stylus support for handwriting and artistic work.
  • No TV or HDMI output.