QR codes are very useful and can save a lot of time provided you use them correctly. QR codes are as common as “Tinyurl” links, perhaps they are even better than that. QR codes very originally design for the Smartphone users so that they wont have to type the whole web address and they could just scan the code and be on their way. There are many applications that will let you create QR codes, but all of them will re direct to one URL, there is a Google Chrome extension which is rather clever. Smart QrCode Generator is a small extension which can be downloaded right into the browser, it can assist you in generating QR code out of pretty much everything.

Screenshot 1

Once downloaded, the extension will bring a QR icon right in your address bar to generate quick QR codes, these codes will contain the IRL of the page. if that is not what you were looking for , then select the content you wish to make QR of, right click and an option will pop up to generate QR code.

Screenshot 2

I think it is the right time to discuss about which content can be used to generate QR. You can create tags for images, download links, text, short URL’s, videos, Android/Apple market links and the list goes on. My particular favorite was the ability to generate QR out of images; scanning the QR will directly lead to the image – to funny business.

So, to sum it up, Smart Qr Generator really is smart; in my view, QR codes are very under rated and since most of the people now browse web through their phones or tablets, i think it’s about time that QR codes finally lifted off.

Download: Chrome Market Link

Support: Google Chrome Extension