A new app is now in the town which allows you to turn your iPhone into a remote control for your Mac and you will no longer have to manually give commands to Mac. The app is called Alfred remote and it has a price tag of $4.99. Using Alfred remote, you can perform useful tasks like stopping, playing, pausing a movie; opening or shutting a program; opening a website; typing, pasting text; launching iTunes and much more. The app is extremely powerful and can access the Mac as you want.

control your mac with remote 1

Alfred Remote control comes preloaded with some commands. But the main feature which is both powerful and sluggish is the customization. The productivity of Alfred app depends upon how you use it, train it or configure it. Copy pasting a simple text remotely on the Mac from Alfred Remote might seem extremely difficult at start. You will have to get used to the Alfred remote app to control you Mac from iPhone or iPad.

Alfred remote app has a pretty interesting, but difficult and complex feature called ‘Workflow’. The app learns how you work based on your inputs. You can add scripts and workflow in order to ease up the daily tasks. For example, if your workflow includes opening 2-3 websites fist and then watching a movie, you can add a script into the Alfred remote app and once you will push a button from iPhone that is dedicated to this workflow, the work will be done.

There are many other apps that can turn your iPhone into a remote to control your Mac but Alfred remote app powerful and sleek. It wants the user to be a super user to take full advantage of its hidden capabilities and flows.

Try Alfred Remote app to control your Mac remotely. Let us know how was it in the comments.