Have you ever wondered if iOS you go useless paces to change slightest of things, screen brightness for instance; you would have to go down to settings, display and change the brightness from there. While it is not a particularly challenging task but it would be great to have an option to tweak it from a widget or a shortcut. while the iPad users have the quick app switching which helps them with this issue, what about iPhone users? The thing is that issues like these are always handled by the development community. For Android you can find pretty much everything over at XDA, and for iOS there is one giant repository of tweaks, yes, Cydia.


You can find thousands of tweaks at Cydia, and jailbreak devices can utilize each and every one of them. But, not all tweaks are useful, some spawn a ghastly interface over your homescreen or create unwanted icons and settings. The tweak BrightVol however, does exactly the opposite. When installed, it will create no icon or a menu in settings, instead, it is added into Activator list and it is activated by a gesture of your choice. BrightVol lets you change the brightness on your iDevice using just the volume keys i.e. once activated by the gesture. The hack will last for 30 seconds after you activate it to resume normal function of volume buttons. If you would like for it to disappear, just follow the gesture again but 30 seconds wait isn’t that much at all.

The default gesture which activated the hack is pressing both volume keys simultaneously for a few seconds, after which an HUD will appear, just like on iMac or Macbook showing intensity of the brightness, adjust using the volume keys and the hack will deactivate in 30 seconds.

The hack is available for free over Cydia in BigBoss repository. So, if you would like to have the added option, jump to the repository and download the hack.