I have written before about faces behind popular programming languages and all seemed geeks of their times! (and their time hasn’t yet passed!). So how much money do programmers make? Or to be specific, top programmers? the ones who created programming languages or used it to achieve phenomenal success (like Google). Here is a list of 10 persons who made great bucks in the Programming world.

1) Larry Page (of course! :p)image 
Co Founder of Google and 6th richest in America and 27th Richest Billionaire in the World (Forbes)


2) Sergey Brin
Co Founder of Google and 28th Richest Billionaire in the World (Forbes)


3) Tim Berners Lee (Most influential but not as wealthy as Googlers)
Claim to fame: Creator of WorldWideWeb!


4) Matt MullenWeg
Creator of the most popular OpenSource Blogging platform WordPress. He is 25 now.


5) Rasmus Lerdorf
Creator of the language that runs 34% of websites today!


6) James Gosling
Claim to Influence: Creator of Java


7) Linus Torvalds
Creator of the popular OpenSource OS Linux


8) Dennis Ritchie
Creator of C Language and key Developer of UNIX OS


9) Bjarne Stroustrup
Claim to Fame & Influence: Creator of C++


10) Bram Cohen
Creator of torrent P2P protocol. Thanks to him for millions of pirated downloads!