Apple iPhone 5 was released over a month and a half ago, usually, the supporting iTunes platform is updated with it’s release, after tantalizing delay the iTunes 11 is finally available to download. iTunes really did need an overhaul, the interface was become ‘boring’ and quite frankly very predictable. Apple has catered those needs and has released the update with changes in the interface, iCloud integration, a new mini player and many more.  So, without further to do, lets take a look at the top features and changes made to the new iTunes 11:


First thing first, we must take a look at the changes in the interface. Once you have downloaded the application, the most striking thing you will notice is the absence of the sidebar (on the left) which was a standard since the launch of original iTunes. It used to be great for swift and breezy navigation, but not to worry, if you liked the old navigation options, just open iTunes 11 got to view and select the option ‘Show sidebar’. The new interface is content friendly, there are a lot more whitespaces and less UI chrome, and good news for music listeners, the app cover flow is gone.

itunes 11

iCloud integration and better browsing options

The most important feature on the iTunes 11 is the deep integration with iCloud. Users can now browse and stream their content much more easily than before, the songs you have can be streamed or shared directly from the sub menu. What i liked the most about the sub menu of each album is that you could browse the ‘other’ songs in the album which you haven’t downloaded without having to go to the store tab, that saves you a lot of time.

itunes 11 3

This is one clever trick, as many users don't but the whole album, and by giving the option to download the songs from the album right off from the music library will sure increase the number of downloads.

UP Next

Up next is another new feature in the iTunes 11, it is very similar to the “queue” feature that you would find on spotify. It allows you to put a few tracks in a queue without having to build a playlist. For instance, you are listening to a song and you already know what you will listen to next, usually you would make a playlist for that, but now you simple add the next song into the queue, pretty handy i think.

Up Next

New Mini Player

Mini player has been revamped as well. The ghastly skin has been transformed into something much more neat and acceptable. The good news is that you still get to use queues in mini player, that will save you from the hassle of opening the library over and over again.

mini player

That sums up the top changes on the iTunes 11, after using it, i felt that it is better, faster and simpler than the old iTunes. Although I'm not quite sure what caused the delay. Anyways, follow the download links below to grab the latest iTunes 11, it’s free.

Download iTunes 11 : iTunes 11 link