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If you have a good internet connection with a healthy bandwidth ensured and you live in the present world of information, you would definitely have to deal with a habit called downloading. Unfortunately, some of us have to rely on third party download accelerators (to speed up the painstaking progress bar sometimes coupled with pause/resume feature), torrent managers and media grabbers (to download streaming videos and audios from popular sites like YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, Grooveshark and the like) that operate outside your browser. You can easily realize that having three different utilities, ignoring ads and popups caused by each (usually if they are free software), the subsequent system memory consumption and the individual progress monitoring related can be a nuisance in itself. Now, many of us use Google Chrome and are used to the clean and modern interface it offers, so what if all three functions (media grabbing, torrent and download management) could somehow get integrated into the same browser. This would imply an all-in-one solution for download enthusiasts out there. The recently released Torch browser is one such blessing that is based on the Chromium engine and offers you the ability to download audio and videos from a plethora of media sharing sites, provides slightly faster download speeds and a torrent manager within itself. To add on to this, it allows you to share webpages and links on a single click to your Facebook and Twitter.

The Torch browser can be downloaded from the website using two installation methods: offline or online. The online installation method means that a small executable file will get downloaded onto your system and double clicking it would launch the installer that would first download and then install the browser. On the other hand, the offline installer allows you to download the complete package which does not depend on any internet connection for installation (once you have downloaded the installer, of course).  If you don’t want Torch to be your default browser, uncheck the respective option in the installation window and click Accept & Install. The progress bar will then follow you till the successful downloading and installation of the browser.

Torch Installation

Upon launching Torch, you will feel that you’re running Google Chrome with some new features. The Share, Media and Torrent buttons allow you to share links to Facebook and Twitter, download streaming video/audio files, and run/manage torrents for a unique in-browser experience.

Torch Torrent -  Torch

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