How about a little change? Since Windows Phone 7 is not available on any real phone at the moment (except for a video showing HTC HD2 running Windows Phone 7 OS) how about transforming your Desktop (Windows XP, Vista, 7 supported) into Windows Phone 7 UI (User Interface)?

The Omnimo UI will add Windows Phone 7 like skin onto your desktop. It supports almost all of Windows 7 widgets and will display them in the WP7 skin. This means after Omnimo is installed, you can add your favorite widgets like weather, calendar etc onto your new WP7 UI.

Installation is pretty simple and straightforward. You first need to download and install Rainwater (which is a UI designer used for creating Omnimo skin). Make sure you download the right version (32-bit or 64-bit).

Once you’re done with installing Rainwater, now download and install Omnimo:

Again, installation is really simple. Make sure you have Segue UI Light font installed on your machine since Omnimo makes extensive use of it. If you do not have it installed then simply go to the folder where you have unzipped Omnimo, right click on “segoeuil.tff” and click “install”. Normally it’s installed on Windows 7 and Vista but XP users have to install it manually:

I followed this procedure and here’s how my Windows 7 looks like now:



[via LifeHacker]