Frash is the name of the Flash port for iPad developed by Comex (famous for his recent iPhone 4 Jailbreak solution). With Frash you can view almost any Flash content rght on your iPad including popular social games like Farmville, Fishville etc. The current version of Frash does not support Flash video content which is expected in the next release.

Here’s a detailed tutorial on installing Frash on your iPad. This tutorial is for the Mac users only.

Step 1: What You Need

Step 2:

Open Cydia, go to “Sections”. Browse to the  “Network” section and install Netatalk.

After installing Netatalk, restart your iPad. 

What do we need Netatalk?
To gain access to the iPad root so that you can manually transfer the Frash.deb file to your iPad and run it from there.

Step 3:

Once you have restarted your iPad, connect it to your Mac and open iTunes. You have to connect to your iPad to access it’s file system. The login is: “root” and the password is “alpine” (if you have not changed it yet and we highly recommend that you change the root password to stop anyone else from accessing your iPad root).

Now click on your iPad tab on the left sidebar and you should be able to see the root folder. Navigate to:


In the Media folder create a new folder named “Cydia” and then inside the Cydia folder create another folder named “Autoinstall”. So you should now be in the:


Step 4:

Place the Frash.deb file that you have downloaded in this folder. disconnect your iPad from Mac and restart your iPad. Now you can view Flash content on your iPad.

Step 5:

Verify that Frash is running on iPad. Go to any website that has Flash content. You should see a red Flash icon in place of the Flash content and then the content should load like in this screenshot:


See the big Flash icon and how it is replaced with the content in the screenshot below:


Let us know your experience running Flash on your iPad.

Note: Frash is reported to crash sometimes on iPad.