Hulu Plus that was recently released by Hulu for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad was the only way to stream Hulu content (classic and new TV series) on your iPhone/iPod touch/iPad but the problem is its cost. Hulu Plus is expensive and even more for premium Hulu content for which you have to pay monthly subscription fee of $9.99. This problem will be solved very soon when PlayOn releases it’s app for iPhone and iPad.

With PlayOn, streaming Hulu content on your iPad or iPhone will be free. PlayOn is a software utility that scraps content off the web and makes it available on multiple devices like your Xbox 360 and Play Station 3 etc. Here is the procedure to stream Hulu content on your iPhone/iPad with PlayOn app:

Step 1: Download the PlayOn app for FREE from App Store (Will be released on 15th July)

Step 2: Download the PlayOn PC software if you don’t have it yet. This is the only cost involved and it will charge you $5-$40 per year depending upon your subscription type. Compare this cost to Hulu Plus subscription cost which is $120/year.

Step 3: The PlayOn PC software will run on your PC and download and store all your favorite episodes from multiple sources including Hulu.

Step 4: Set up a home WiFi network and once you connect your iPad/iPhone to it, you will be able to see your PC and the PlayOn app for iPhone will automatically stream all the available content on your PC through the PlayOn PC software.

How to view Hulu on iPhone and iPad

This way, you can watch your favorite TV episodes from Hulu right on your iPhone or iPad for free.  Here’s a video walk through of the PlayOn app for iPhone:

And here’s how PlayOn works out:


Here is a list of sources from which you can stream free video content through the PlayOn app for iPhone/iPad:

  • Hulu
  • Netflix
  • CBS
  • Comedy Central
  • Spike TV
  • ESPN3
  • MLB
  • NHL

(news via CNET)