Is your PC getting slower day by day? Thinking of reinstalling or restoring Windows from your backup to rid yourself of slurry performance? Tried hardware upgrades, yet no significant improvement in performance? If you’re thinking along the same lines, you will realize sooner or later that the issue is not with the system resources nor the hardware capabilities, the problem lies in the software part. With frequent installations and installations, your registry might reach a state where a tweaking tool eliminates erroneous registry entries to boost performance. Moreover, any causes to the slow system performance are then targeted once and for all. Advanced Uninstaller PRO is an easy to use system optimization and monitoring tool that allows you to track any or all changes performed on your system using the Installation monitor, uninstall hidden or inaccessible programs coupled with the option to scan, clean and remove registry entries. Also, with its wide range of services you can create disk space effectively by removing duplicate files, and moving Windows File Compression to the next level.

In addition to the features mentioned earlier, Advanced Uninstaller PRO repairs broken registry entries, fixes shortcuts and encouraging you to eliminate erroneous and undesired plug-in, fonts, toolbars and the like. The system startup can also be optimized by adding, removing or scheduling entries according to the priority level. Another useful feature of this apparently simple application is the power to shred files and folders, open multimedia content and delete web browsing and document open history, for good. During the setup, you will be prompted for any third-party or unwanted application installation. If you’re against this idea, simply click the social media related buttons to do the trick. After ignoring the third party installation by un checking the respective target. Click Next to proceed.

Setup - Advanced Uninstaller PRO

The main interface is organized into 6 major actions: General Tools, File and Registry Tools, Internet Browser Tools, Reports, General Settings and Help sections. The details and important description of each feature is mentioned in the right toolbar.

Uninstaller Pro Main

When you click on one of the buttons you will find yourself accessing a huge variety of feature-sets. Some of the General Tools (including Uninstall Program, Monitored Installations, Services Manager, Quick Cleaner and more) are at your disposal.

Features - Advanced Uninstaller

All in all, Advanced Uninstaller PRO is quite a useful application. We tested it on Windows 8, 64-bit edition while it supports Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

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