There was a time when uploading attachments and sending them through your email address would prove to be much of a hassle. With internet access becoming widespread, both the amount of information and demand for it started increasing exponentially. This led to the growth of internet and due to the global nature of the network, companies and organizations started using the same medium to communicate with clients and employees a like to accumulate and utilize a diverse segment of the global population in achieving the most creative and comprehensive solutions followed by the subsequent implementation by individuals. Thus, with collaboration, productivity and efficiency came the concept of sharing. Rapidshare and MegaUpload were some online file sharing websites that generated links where the respective file was uploaded but both the uploader and the downloader had to endure a plethora of ads and tickers which would then yield the desired output. With Dropbox, the user experience definitely improved but didn’t get simplified and professionals and students still had to endure the attachment limits in email exchange. WeTransfer is a useful online utility that has an extremely sleek and simple interface allowing file transfers (both via email and links as per requirement) up to 2 GB.

Using WeTransfer is really easy and instant in impact. Without any need for registration or any other obstacle/pre-requisite, you can add as many files as you like either by clicking the Add files button at the top of the WeTransfer space or simply drag and drop files to the respective area. Remember to ensure that the total upload size should not exceed 2GB. Now, you need to decide whether you want to send this data via email or by sharing a download link. You can switch between these modes by clicking the relevant button at the bottom left corner. Click the Help button on the bottom right to reveal how to use instructions. In order to send files via email, you must specify your friends’ email address (multiple addresses can also be set as recipients). After that you must enter your personal email id that you want to be visible as the sender to the recipients. You can also add an optional message to the email and click Transfer for the progress screen to reach till completion. The email will contain the respective message along with an attached file that can be easily downloaded without any wait.


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