The new Retina display in iPhone 4 completely blows away all the previous iPhone displays. Even though there have been complaints about the reception problems with iPhone 4 (to which Steve Jobs reply was: ‘Hold it differently!’), but even just Retina display make
iPhone 4 worth buying.

Here’s a complete video comparison of iPhone 4 Retina display and 3Gs display and you can very well make out the huge difference in pixel quality, detail and above all, viewing angle. It’s clearly seen that even on slight tilt angles, 3Gs display almost becomes useless, whereas the retina display of iPhone 4 still holds good at extreme angles.

iPhone 3Gs screen turns faint blue upon tilting it either ways. See this still from the video for the proof:

Watch the complete viewing angle comparison video after the break.

Even at 90 degrees perpendicular viewing angle, the quality Retina display is simply magnitudes better then iPhone 3Gs.

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