Dubbed as ‘a new way to share video’ by Twitter, Vine has quite recently entered the social media sphere with its six-second video sharing experience for users with the goal, ‘Make A Scene’. Twitter’s reason for its 140-character limit to tweets was always that with constraint comes creativity and thus, with the six-second limit on video sharing in Vine, the same goal is anticipated to be achieved. If you have an iPhone or an iPad, all you need to do is to download Vine and record a video clip no longer than six seconds and post it on Twitter or with friends using email. Vine has already picked up pace with respect to popularity and is currently featured as the Editor’s Choice in the App Store. With unlimited free video uploads, ability to post them to Twitter, interacting with and following people around you and the option to explore trending posts, featured hash tags and more, Vine promises an intriguing and unique experience for your content exploration needs.

As soon as Twitter launched Vine, Facebook reacted immediately by blocking all possible integration with the app. Originally, Vine came up with the option to share content on Facebook and with friends list derived from Facebook, but with this move, all you see now is an error message. Despite these initial bumps, Twitter’s Vine has gathered enough momentum to raise the eyebrows of technology analysts and social media experts. Users have started to come up with creative and entertaining content and this model seems similar to Instagram’s success. The initial text-only Twitter has now transformed its image into a multimedia friendly social media platform with Vine. Although this application is only available in the App Store, analysts anticipate a timely launch of the app in other platforms including Android and the like.


Although Twitter’s Vine has been facing a problem of its own, with porn clips popping up with the relevant hash tags as highlighted by prestigious news sources, globally. With its anti-censorship policy, Twitter has announced that those users who find any content inappropriate can flag or report it. This would bring into effect a warning screen before anyone actually accesses the content. With this disclaimer in mind, Twitter’s Vine is rapidly becoming a popular and creative video sharing platform and is definitely worth the try. You can get a glimpse of the content being shared on Vine using JustVined.

See Twitter’s Announcement Regarding Vine’s Launch 

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