Tired of opening multiple tabs and switch between them to browse through multiple videos and settle on one to watch? Or is the browser too bulky? Now you can enhance your Youtube experience by viewing videos right from your desktop without any browser but a really cool app that’s designed only for this purpose.


Desk Tube can stream videos directly from Youtube and a lot more.

Here are some of the great features this app offers:

1) Browse videos on Youtube

2) If you have a cam then you can also record and upload your videos on Youtube with just a few clicks!

3) It has a native Twitter desktop client so you can tweet as well as browse Facebook! Seems like an all-in-one package!

4) Feeling bored? You can video chat with 4 friends simultaneously! Amazing?

So DeskTube is more of a mashup of Youtube, Facebook and Twitter that provides a really great experience.

Here is the video that explains more:

You would need Adobe AIR to run this app so make sure you install it if you still haven’t:

Download Adobe AIR for Windows OR Mac

Install DeskTube