Android market is booming with applications, every day several hundred or perhaps even thousands of applications make their way into the play store. But, not every one of those applications are, say “Worth it” and you usually delete them right away. The app we are going to take a look into today is a great one, it would require an Android device, a Windows and Mac running system and a Wi-Fi network. The application is called ‘Wifi Mouse’ and as the name suggests, it will let you control your mouse pointer through your Android device, pretty nifty right? i remember tinkering with my old K700i and it’s bluetooth to du just that, but doing the same on a touch screen feels different.


There are two versions of the application, free and paid. The free version will give you all the basic functionalities, like to scroll, left click right click and pan. The paid App on the other hand gives you the ability to type as well, and not just typing type, you can also use text to speech which will come in pretty handy in Windows 8 and Mac Mountain Lion. The app will work on pretty much every android device supporting a touch screen and Wifi connectivity, just download the app from the market and follow a few steps to get it started.

Once you have installed the application, you need to download a desktop client to communicate with your phone. Clients are available for both Windows and Mac operating systems and you can download them from this link. Once the client is downloaded, run it as administrator on Windows, the client will display IP address of the system, note it down. Now, open up Wifi mouse application on your android device, here you will have two options, either to Connect automatically or to enter the IP address and connect manually, try the ‘Auto Connect’ feature first, if it fails, then enter the IP address you noted down earlier and connect manually. Note that in order to make the devices communicate, both your PC/Notebook and your Android device need to be on the same WiFi network.

And that is it, my only wish for the application is that if it could provide windows 8 gesture features. Another thing which is missing is the multi touch support, i found it difficult to select and drag with the application. Anyhow, all i can say that i enjoyed using the application at thus a 4/5. You can try it out as well, just follow the steps mentioned above.

Download: Android Market Link

Compatibility: Windows XP/ Vista/ 7/8/ MAC OSx

Android 2.1 and UP.