Windows 8 sleep mode has posed a plethora of problems since its launch and one of the most common and pronounced problem is the stalling,  malfunctioning and lags of the touch pad after waking up from sleep mode. In this article we will tell you a couple of  solution through which you can figure out this snappy problem.

Windows 8 TouchPad

Calibrating The Touch

1. Go to Control Panel And Select Tablet PC Settings

2. Now Select Calibrate.

3. Follow the on screen calibration for Pen input or Touch input settings.

Adjusting the Touch Settings

1. Go to Control Panel and  select Pen and Touch

2. From the Pen and Touch menu, select Touch

3. Select the touch action that you would like to change and click Settings.

Apart from this, updating your touchpad drivers is a must. You can also try  adjusting touchpad sensitivity from BIOS settings and updating your Video Card drivers.  If these solutions don’t work, you can check the Microsoft’s official online outlets to figure out the way out of this problem.