From the start of a project till the end, there are various aspects involved in the progress ranging from team and task management to collaborations and discussions such that both the tasks and teams are well-organized and integrated with the assigned loads. WorkMate is a cloud based productivity and collaboration tool that provides an all-in one solution to long distance management and tracking. It allows you to create projects, instantly, and save work files in a unified place. Using the cloud storage available through WorkMate, you can save Microsoft Word, Excel, Adobe Photoshop, PDF, images and other popular formats within the same project while initiating and maintaining discussions with ease so as to facilitate the project completion in a collaborative manner. It provides a safe environment where you can enable any useful add-on from the content rich WorkMate Addons Library. As soon as you specify and configure a task, you will be informed of the progress and will be alerted of its completion, frequently. Furthermore, you can add team members to the experience so that the overall work can be distributed accordingly.

To start using WorkMate, click the green Sign Up For Free button to create a new account which is recommended for tracking and saving updates in one platform outside your email inbox. Apart from tasks, discussions and files, you can use features like Notes (to record brief details), Calendar (to synchronize and manage events according to each date) and Contacts (for better identification and collaboration with team members). The dashboard is organized in a manner that all necessary configurations are available in the left sidebar (like profile settings, My Projects, Getting Started and Community). Click the Create Project link in the left sidebar to practically start using this online tool. To check personal messages that your coworkers or teammates may have sent you, click the Private messages button under the Community button. The main workspace lays out the Latest Activity For Project while categorizing each entry (with unique color codes) in terms of discussions, tasks, notes and files. You can view the project members at the top right of the main screen while a link to the Project Updates RSS feed below that. Multiple tasks can be added to a single project and each task can then further be assigned to relevant team members, with ease. Try out the organized productivity environment for the greater good, and share the experience.


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